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Phone number is 406-253-3991
Pine Needle Farm Cashmeres is located in Northwestern Montana. Raising
Cashmere goats naturally is our specialty.

I offer a variety of items made from cashmere, including hand spun yarn,
crocheted scarves, wrist warmers, and sometimes hats.
I now offer Needle Felted Animals!  
Please be aware of the inexpensive cashmere sold in the various box stores!  It comes with a hidden cost.  It is
imported from countries where they add wool and other fibers to the cashmere and still call it 100% cashmere.

True 100% top quality cashmere is rare and expensive!!!  
It will also last a lifetime with good care.

The cheap cashmere comes from goats that have been eating on over grazed land and are hungry, which makes their
fiber coarse and brittle.  Remember, you get what you pay for!!

On the other hand, North American Cashmere is from happy well-fed goats that have outstanding fiber!  Please buy
American.  There are cashmere growers from coast to coast!
North American Cashmere is a soft and wonderful product.  It comes from goats that are well-fed and
happy.      The Asian cashmere comes from goats that are often hungry, barely subsisting on sparse
vegetation.  There has been some very harsh weather in that part of the world for quite a few years,
affecting the land and animals very adversely.  Asian cashmere has a "hunger fineness"  which makes it
soft, but brittle.  Not the top quality fiber it once was.  The land has become over-grazed, the goats hungry,
and the herders poor.  The middleman is getting all the profits over there, not the actual raisers of the goats.

The American consumer will benefit the whole world by buying American Cashmere instead of foreign.   By
buying "local" you know exactly what you are getting, where it comes from, and you are helping the North
American economy.      North  American cashmere goats are healthy, well taken care of animals with
exceptional fleece!   
Here are some of the Items I have made.  Some are sold, some are for
sale now.  Please check the other pages on here for more.