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The cashmere herd
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Phone number is 406-253-3991
I have Cashmere
products for sale,
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cashmere" page.
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Cashmere that is
dehaired and ready to
spin is on the
Cashmere goat skin, tanned locally.
Measurements: 38" from tail base to top of neck,  
27" across the top, and 31" across the bottom.

$200.00 includes shipping  
Nice and soft!
Cashmere goat skin, tanned locally.
 Measurements:  42" from tail base to neck top,
 32" wide at the bottom, and 26" wide at the top.
$220.00 includes shipping.
Oh, so soft!
A new product!  100% real goat skin throw
pillows made from Pine Needle Farm
Cashmere goats.  The hides are tanned
locally, and I hand sew each one so you
receive a true Made in Montana, totally
unique product.  Each pillow is stuffed with
a combination of  the clean guard hairs and
too short cashmere that falls out of the
dehairing machine as the good cashmere is
separated out and some wool rovings I
had.  The goat skins are soft and supple
and the pillows are very comfortable!  
This is a truly local, one-of-a-kind, hand
made Montana product!
$200 each or $390 for the pair.  plus shipping.   13"
x 20" and approximately 4 " thick.  Each pillow
weighs approx. 2 pounds.
$225.00 plus shipping.  23" x 15".  
This is so soft and luxurious  It's very comfortable!
Please check out the bottom of the page for a
new line of cashmere products!
Pine Needle Farm Cashmeres is located in Northwestern Montana. Raising
Cashmere goats naturally is our specialty. I also have a dehairing machine now,
so I can process each goat's fleece individually into cloud ready for spinning.
You'll know exactly which goat the fiber came from that you buy!

I offer a variety of items made from cashmere, including hand spun yarn,
crocheted scarves, wrist warmers, and sometimes hats. Coming soon will be kits,
complete with a pattern and the yarn to make that pattern. All you will need is a
crochet hook.

I have now started a Fiber CSA for Cashmere from my herd. Please see the
CSA page for more on that.