Each of these animals is made from either locally sourced wool, alpaca, or cashmere from the PNF Cashmeres herd of goats.  Each
one is inspired by a real live animal that I've seen in person or in pictures.  Thousands of needle pokes and many hours later, a
personality filled little animal emerges.  Bringing you a moment of happiness, and maybe a good memory of a vacation
somewhere, every time you look at it.
The Flathead Lake Monster!  
23" long  Made with wool.  The elusive monster of Flathead Lake.  Only seen by a
lucky few over the many years of it's known existence.  After researching all the
sightings, of which there haven't been many or a lot of information on, this is what I
think it looks like.  Somewhat bendable, you can position it in a few different ways.
$40 includes shipping!
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Wouldn't this look good on your mantle or desk?  Mama black bear and her two cubs out for a
stroll through the wilderness.  Base is 6" by 4" and the mama bear stands 3 1/2" tall.   Made
entirely out of cashmere!
$175  includes shipping!