Pine Needle Farm is a 20 acre, off-grid, solar powered homestead.  We specialize in raising cashmere goats in an all
natural way.  No chemicals are used, preferring to use herbs, vitamins, and minerals to keep everyone healthy and happy.
I got started raising goats in 2001,  when a friend asked if I would go look at some goats with her.  I went, looked,  and
came home with three dairy goats.  Two does and a wether.  On a Friday the 13th!  The goats completely took over
my life.  I ended up with four cashmere goats from the same people, and thus began my goat raising career.

Since I had the cashmere I had to learn what to do with it.  I got a spinning wheel and learned how to spin it into
yarn.  I already knew how to crochet, so now I could actually make things from my own animals!
Now this has grown into a full-time career, which I absolutely love.  I am happiest when I am spinning the fleece and
spending time with my wonderful goats.  I sell my hand spun yarn, and I crochet items like scarves, shawls, hats, and
other accessories from the cashmere  I've entered competitions with my handspun yarn and crocheted items.  The
ribbon wall is looking pretty good!  

Now I've taken up needle felting, which I am really enjoying!  I make realistic looking animals, bears being my
specialty.  They are made out of the cashmere from my goats.

The herd of cashmeres numbers 31 right now.    All the goats are well-fed and happy.  They are raised naturally with no
chemicals at all.  I use an herbal wormer, fed free-choice, to keep them worm free.  It works wonderfully , and the
worms don't build a resistance to it.  By feeding free-choice, the goats that need worming eat the wormer, and the
ones that don't need worming, don't eat it.  If they do happen to get ill, which is rare, herbs and vitamins boost their
immune system and they get healthy again.   Goats are intelligent animals, and if given the choice and variety of
forage and supplements, know what they need to eat to stay healthy.

Along with the goats, my husband John and I have chickens, three livestock guardian dogs and a cat.  We have a
fairly substantial garden, both veggies, and flowers. It's a fun and challenging life up here
I have started a blog telling about the day to day life and adventures on our farm.  If
you are interested, click on this link.  
My Mission with this venture is to bring you happiness and relaxation when
you wear a Cashmere accessory, use the yarn to make a special
something, or have a happy memory when gazing at the needle felted
animals.  You do
deserve a bit of luxury in your life!