This is my new site for all things about and on the farm. I’ve been raising Cashmere goats since 2001 and have been spinning, crocheting and now, weaving that wonderful fleece ever since. I have an Etsy Shop called Wild Mountain Handmade that has all of my current creations for sale in it. I’ll be making more on a regular basis as time allows. The health and happiness of my goats is my first priority, since the happier and healthier they are, the better their cashmere is. I love their quirky personalities, and especially the wonderfully soft feel of their cashmere! Pure luxury, and I would like to share it all with you, through my Etsy shop. All the cashmere is combed off the goats once a year, sent to a regional mill for dehairing (removing the guard hair from the cashmere) then I hand pick through the “cloud” when it comes back to remove the remaining guard hairs, then I either sell it as cloud for spinning, or I spin it myself on my Louet spinning wheel. I have handspun yarn for sale, crocheted items, and woven items. All made by me in my living room/studio in our small off-grid strawbale house. A rustic lifestyle, but I love it.