Welcome to PNF Cashmeres

Welcome to the new edition of Pine Needle Farm’s website and blog! I will be blogging about the happenings around the farm, and what I’m doing with the Cashmere I collect from the goats. I have an Etsy shop from which you can purchase any of my handspun yarns, crocheted items, and handwoven items. I have handwoven kitchen towels, and other linens made with cotton and linen, and then I have my cashmere section that has all things cashmere in it. I weave scarves and such, and crochet wrist warmers and hats, along with a small selection of handspun yarns. I also have crocheted and woven accessories made with wool and silk. https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildMountainhandmade As I figure out how to use this site, I will be adding more to it, like pictures of everything and more colors, etc.

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