Weaving and Spring

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been weaving quite a bit lately. Ruana tops mostly. Got a couple of commissions for some. Might be weaving some cloth for a skirt for someone else here pretty soon.

Spring is finally here! the snow is gone, the early flowers are blooming, or about to bloom, the grass is green and starting to grow. The goats are all doing well, two does are about to kid this coming week. The dairy triplets are growing and doing well. I’ll be weaning them pretty soon so I can get more milk. Right now I only get about a cup a day, I’m letting the kids get it all so they grow up to be robust healthy adult goats.

The garden is getting prepped and ready to plant. There is a volunteer pea plant coming up, so I know it’s time to start planting the rest of them. We could still get snow, but not much and it won’t be really cold, so anything planted should survive.

The ticks are out, so that is a sure sign spring is here. The guineas and chickens are doing a good job of getting them out of the goat pens, and the outer yard, but there are ticks in the forest garden section of the inner yard. I found one crawling on me the other day after walking through there. Yuck. I do not like them at all. I don’t see what purpose they serve at all.

Next post I do will have pictures of the things I’ve been weaving and the goat kids, etc. Have a great day!!

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