If you need some land cleared, goats are the way to get it done.  They love brush, knapweed,
and thistles.  They have done a wonderful job of opening our forest up.  We can see through
the trees now!

They make good pets, too.  Very friendly, and they love to see what is happening all the time.   
If you want a dual purpose animal, cashmere goats are good.  They are great weed-eaters that just happen to have that
luxurious cashmere fiber all over them!
Goats love weeds!
Treed mountain lion up behind our place.  He didn't bother
the goats or anything on our place, thank heavens. He just
reduced the deer population around us.
Cloud and Rocky
Placemats I wove for my sister.
The sun just felt too good!
Misty's daughter, Isolt
Inky, my bottle baby last year. She's
such a cutie!  She has an incredible
fleece this year, i can hardly wait to
comb it off her!
Timmy and Tommy, twins that ended
up spending the winter in the house.  
They will be going outside as soon as
it warms up!  It's been an experience
having them in here!